Hey who turned the world upside down?


Inside, outside, upside down. Bipolar at it’s best. I felt this flip coming on knowing the inevitable was about to occur. No one asked for my permission or even my opinion on the matter. The cycle has come. I have flipped. The tide has once again produced an ebb and flow. Now in the wee hours of the morning or is it the dead of night, I am tapping away at the keyboard with more thoughts than fingers to form words. As my body fights to be silent my brain makes up for the struggle with an inaudible  volume that only I can hear. I won’t ask why. I know I’ve been chosen. This is as much a part of me as my brown eyes and freckles. Acceptance is half the battle when we discover a component within our very being that bring about a challenge . Hit that sucker head on !  Ignorance is for fools. There is no denying my eyes are brown or that I have bipolar. So what ! I could wear green contacts and try to fool others. But the facts are not changed. Is the snowman right side up or upside down? Does it matter? It is what it is. As for me…at this moment…I am who I need to be , and my snowman if just fine.