Rambling without apology…it happens


 It’s ok…I’ll be brief,

Where was I?  No clue… another day another cycle. They all like to say “another day another”… thought…emotion…dollar…pain….sorrow…joy….trouble…memory?  Perhaps. It is all whatever you allow it to be. The options are endless…what do you choose for yourself today?  Perhaps you got lucky and the genealogical gods chose a good day for you. Yaya baby! There is also the possibility that you are on the far end of the stick and got a lousy hand….sorry… such is life. Unfortunately, genetics are real shit…no denying. Well if today sucks, get ready cause tomorrow might not be any better. Then again you could be on the most epic high of your life….don’t worry …it won’t last long, never does. Trust me, I know…unfortunately.
Maybe I should take that back…unfortunate? Perhaps not…so many think bipolar or any mental illness is so taboo…HAHAHAHA can’t help it… Only those with no mental illness associations can ignorantly say “awe poor people”, hell I have an incredible life! With all the ups and downs and stories to tell and experiences to share, how can this possibly be poor?????   I’m so rich in love and emotion and faith and relations and experience and depth..along with sorrow and pain and despair and loneliness and depression and ….and….laughter, how can this be poor?  I am anything but poor. I suffer with some of the folks. I laugh with most of the folks and I am resilient like the few and far between. Where do you stand?  Just askin don’t mind me…I like to make folks think deeper than their comfort zone. Get used to it… 
I’m not done yet.  My life provides an entire kaleidoscope if I let it…choice open. I think this is a safe place to stop…for today
After all, the only way around is through. 

2 thoughts on “Rambling without apology…it happens

  1. I loved that. You sound a lot like me. I can relate to what you wrote and I agree with your words and thoughts. Well written and it was fun to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a fabulous, happy and healthy day. Hugs, Sue. 😊😊😊💜💜💜


  2. I loved that and it is definitely bipolar. You said (wrote) it all so well. I loved it and agree with all of it. I do love all the emotions that we get to experience on such a greater and deeper level… so much more than those that do not have bipolar… oh how boring life would be….hmmmm….. sometimes boring might be okay I think. I do not know anymore as I have been bipolar way too long. This is the only me I know how to be… thank you for your great post. Hugs, Sue


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